Hurdles in Pairing General, Special Education Teachers - Education Week

Poorly implemented co-teaching practices may be taking the "special" out of special education, say many who train teachers and districts in collaboration. Read More

Survey: Student Success Calls for More Than Academic Skills - Education Week

Educators agree that social-emotional learning is important, but teachers and school leaders have different perceptions about how well students are faring. Read More

Nev. Restricts Administrators From Joining Unions - Education Week

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, a Republican, last week signed into law a wide-ranging collective bargaining overhaul that prohibits school administrators who make more than $120,000 a year from joining a collective bargaining unit. Read More

States Set Varying Passing Bars on New Teacher Assessment - Education Week

As they implement policies around a new performance-based licensing test for teachers, states are setting the bar at different places—a phenomenon that raises questions about cross-state comparisons. Read More

Nancie Atwell on the Common-Core Debate and Her Advice to Aspiring Teachers

Charters Look to Change Perceptions on Teacher Turnover - Education Week

Despite contested data on the phenomenon, some charter school leaders acknowledge teacher turnover as a liability for the movement. Read More

Teacher-Retention Data for Charters Still Murky - Education Week

For all the anecdotal claims about teacher turnover in charter schools, the available data on the topic are remarkably muddled. Read More

Teachers in L.A. Approve Three-Year Contract - Education Week

Rank-and-file members of the union representing Los Angeles teachers have voted overwhelmingly in favor of a three-year contract that will increase salaries 10 percent. Read More

Teacher Walkouts in Washington State Aim to Boost K-12 Aid - Education Week

Thousands of teachers marched through downtown Seattle on Tuesday as part of a one-day strike to encourage Washington lawmakers to put more money into the state education budget. Read More

State Teachers of the Year Defend the Common Core

Illinois Policymakers Scramble After Pension Law Struck Down - Education Week

State legislators and the governor are under pressure to craft a new plan after the state’s high court overturned a 2013 statute altering pensions for retired teachers. Read More

States Wrestle With How to Get Good Teachers in All Schools - Education Week

Some plans submitted to the federal government pitch new ideas for how to best share the most-qualified teachers, while others repackage strategies already underway. Read More

Fla. Teachers May Get $10,000 Bonus for High SAT Scores - Education Week

Florida teachers may be eligible for bonuses of up to $10,000 if they scored well on their SAT or ACT college entrance exams, no matter how many years ago they took them. Read More

Licensing Group Unveils Ethics Code for Teachers - Education Week

A newly released code of ethics for teachers could help provide some clarity across the mishmash of state rules. Read More

K-12 Leaders: Embrace Branding

Nancie Atwell on the Common-Core Debate and Her Advice to Aspiring Teachers - Education Week

Florida to Reward Teachers for High SAT, ACT Scores - Education Week

Florida teachers may be eligible for bonuses of up to $10,000 if they scored well on their SAT or ACT college-entrance exams, no matter how many years ago they took them. Read More

Court Upholds Linking Test Scores to Evaluations - Education Week

A federal appeals court has upheld a Florida law that requires teacher-performance evaluations to be based in part on student-test scores. Read More

Districts Facing Teacher Shortages Look for Lifelines - Education Week

With a new school year approaching, districts around the country are issuing urgent pleas for teachers to come work for them. Read More

Study Casts Doubt on Impact of Teacher Professional Development - Education Week

A new study by the advocacy group TNTP finds that PD activities don’t seem to factor into why some teachers get better while others don’t. Read More

Overtime-Pay Conversation Should Include Teachers - Education Week

Court Levies Huge Fines on Wash. State Legislature - Education Week

The order is the culmination of a political struggle that began in 2012, when the Washington Supreme Court ruled that the system for funding K-12 violated the state constitution. Read More

Some Why-and-How Questions on Teacher Merit Pay - Education Week

As Math Education Changes, Social Media Play a Role - Education Week

Teacher Performance Evaluation: Definitions, Research, Models, and More - Education Week

This overview covers teacher evaluation and includes information on teacher evaluation models, controversies surrounding the issue, research on teacher quality, and reform trends. It also includes definitions for collective bargaining and value-added models. Read More

Teachers Nurture Growth Mindsets in Math - Education Week

Despite skepticism from some parts of the mathematics field, new strategies are emerging for teachers to help students develop positive learning attitudes toward math. Read More

Unionization Bid Sparks Discord in L.A. Charter Network - Education Week

The conflict between some teachers and the management of Alliance College-Ready Public Schools highlights tensions as charter schools mature. Read More

Teacher-Equity Plans Approved for 16 States - Education Week

Questions loom on enforcement as 16 states get the federal nod on their plans to make sure all students have to high-quality teachers. Read More

Numbers of Black Teachers Drop in Nine City School Districts - Education Week

Nine big-city school districts have lost many black teachers, some of them by a disproportionate amount, a new report says. Read More

Long Beach District Sets Course to Personalize Teacher PD - Education Week

The closely watched California district recently launched a "myPD" platform to help teachers select their own training paths. Read More

Teachers Turn to Twitter for Solutions, Connection - Education Week

Educators say the social media platform offers immediacy and practicality often lacking from school PD programs. Read More

Lesson-Sharing Sites Raise Issues of Ownership, Use - Education Week

Key sources of common-core related PD, online lesson sites for teachers come with fine-print complexities. Read More

Math-Modeling PD Takes Teachers Beyond the Common Core - Education Week

A pilot professional-development program funded by the National Science Foundation introduces elementary school teachers to a method of advanced problem-solving. Read More

Video Gaining as Key Tool in Teacher-Learning Plans - Education Week

As platforms evolve, more districts are using video to boost teacher collaboration and refine classroom practice. Read More

Teachers Give Up Money for Seniority Protection - Education Week

Teachers in Providence, R.I., have voted to remove a provision in their contract, finalized in May, that could have resulted in an 8 percent raise. Read More

Deans Map Out Learning-Science Agenda - Education Week

A paper released by the Deans for Impact summarizes the research on learning science and identifies six questions teachers should grapple with. Read More

Dual-Credit Programs in Jeopardy in Many States - Education Week

Finding qualified teachers threatens to shutter dual-credit programs in 19 states. Read More

Teachers - Education Week

Teachers who started their careers with a mentor were more likely to continue teaching than those who did not, a federal study finds. Read More

Labor Unrest Continues to Close Schools Around the Country - Education Week

While teachers in two school districts returned to work last week after striking for more than a week, teachers in other districts around the country walked out. Read More

Proposal: Shift $15 Billion in Prison Spending to Teacher Pay - Education Week

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan would like to see states and local governments repurpose some of the money they spend on incarceration and pour it into salaries for educators. Read More

Training Gains a Toehold for Instructional Aides in Special Education - Education Week

Crucial for assuring that school inclusion takes place for students with disabilities, these workers have long been left out of the loop on professional development. Read More

Teacher Evaluation Heads to the Courts - Education Week

The policy frenzy to establish new methods for evaluating teachers over the past few years has led to an unintended byproduct: lots of litigation. Read More

Are New Teacher Tests Vulnerable to Cheating? - Education Week

As performance-based teacher-licensure exams like the edTPA gain currency, reports of related tutoring services and online materials raise new questions. Read More

EdTPA Scores Improving for Would-Be Teachers - Education Week

Scores on the edTPA teacher-licensing exam seem to be on the rise, according to new research. Read More

Digital Badges - Education Week

Digital badges are being widely adopted for students, but could the same principle be applied to professional development for teachers? Read More


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