District Takes Modular Approach to Lesson Creation - Education Week

An district in Orange County, Fla. curates content from various commercial partners to use in its lessons. Read More

Audio: Teens, Tech, and Homework Habits - Education Week

Larenz Davis, 15, and his mother, LaToya Staten, talk about the benefits and challenges of teenagers using multiple digital devices to complete homework assignments. Larenz and his brother, Cameron, use a diverse roster of tech tools at home. Read More

Digital Games - Education Week

Younger students get the most out of digital learning games when the game combines elements of both the real and virtual worlds, finds new research. Read More

Student Cellphones - Education Week

All those teachers who collect mobile phones at the beginning of class may be onto something: A new study of English secondary students suggests student test scores rose in middle school classes that banned phones. Read More

Free Online Test Prep for SAT Launched by Khan Academy - Education Week

The College Board, the nonprofit organization behind the SAT college entrance exam has teamed up with Khan Academy to make test-preparation materials available for free. Read More

The E-Rate Overhaul in 4 Easy Charts - Education Week

An overhaul of the federal E-rate program will boost funding for high-speed broadband and Wi-Fi in schools and libraries—and shift money away from other services, as shown in FCC data, broken down by Education Week. Read More

E-Rate Funding Requests by Schools, Libraries to Be Paid in Full - Education Week

Schools and libraries will receive full funding of their E-rate program requests this year, as a result of a modernization of the policy and budget changes enacted last year. Read More

State Lawmakers Balance Concerns on Student-Data Privacy - Education Week

The debate over how to best protect student data has legislators weighing the views of privacy advocates and education technology providers in this year’s crop of proposals. Read More

Guide to Data Privacy Issued for Parents - Education Week

The Future of Privacy Forum has released a guide to help parents understand student-data-privacy policies. Read More

Privacy Ratings Underway for Ed-Tech Products - Education Week

More than 20 districts are working with Common Sense Media to establish a system that will rate the privacy policies on ed-tech products used by schools. Read More

Interactive: District Takes Modular Approach to Lesson Creation - Education Week

An district in Orange County, Fla. curates content from various commercial partners to use in its lessons. Read More

How Digital Learning Is Reshaping Education - Education Week

Leadership, professional development, and hands-on learning were on the minds of nearly 20,000 educational technology enthusiasts who attended the ISTE annual conference in Philadelphia. Read More

Freedom to Experiment Presents Challenges for School Innovation Networks - Education Week

Giving small networks of schools autonomy to try new approaches with technology requires a delicate balance of logistical freedom and district technical support. Read More

As McGraw-Hill Education Leaves State Testing, Market Thrives for Classroom Assessments - Education Week

McGraw-Hill Education recently sold off its longstanding businesses in summative and "shelf" testing, in a move that underscores growing demand for other forms of assessments. Read More

Obama Seeks to Provide Poor Families With Internet - Education Week

President Barack Obama has announced a new program aimed at providing some 275,000 low-income families living in public housing with access to affordable high-speed Internet connections. Read More

Crowded Field of Online News Sites Focuses on Education Issues - Education Week

National and local online outlets are offering a wealth of specialized content on K-12 topics, some striving for journalistic objectivity, others pushing an unvarnished point of view. Read More

Chalkbeat Wields Web to Boost Local Ed.-News Coverage - Education Week

The four-site news operation is among the next generation of outlets drilling deep into local education issues. Read More

Police Probe Computer Hack of Calif. Charter School - Education Week

The message said that Anonymous had gathered documents exposing the "manipulation and greed" surrounding Clayton Valley Charter High School. Read More

Computer Science - Education Week

Principals and superintendents underestimate how much support there is among parents for teaching K-12 computer science in school, according to a Gallup survey. Read More

New Report Finds Ongoing iPad and Technology Problems at L.A. Unified - Education Week

Had things gone according to plan, every public school student in Los Angeles would be working on his or her own iPad by now and textbooks would be largely a thing of the past. Read More

Ambitious Initiative Blends Adaptive Tech, Open Ed. Resources - Education Week

The creation of an online platform by ed-tech company Knewton marks the most aggressive attempt yet to mix adaptive tools with open content. Read More

Probing the Impact of Parent-Teacher Digital Communication - Education Week

Academic researchers are beginning to study what kinds of tech-based exchanges between educators and families bring the biggest academic payoff for students. Read More

Education Technology - Education Week

Countries where 15-year-olds use computers the most in classrooms scored the worst on digital reading and computer-based math tests, according to an analysis of 2012 results from the Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA. Read More

Online Credit Recovery in Need of Improvement, Study Says - Education Week

School districts need to make changes to their online credit-recovery programs to focus greater attention on content mastery and evidence of learning gains. Read More

Long Beach District Sets Course to Personalize Teacher PD - Education Week

The closely watched California district recently launched a "myPD" platform to help teachers select their own training paths. Read More

Video Gaining as Key Tool in Teacher-Learning Plans - Education Week

As platforms evolve, more districts are using video to boost teacher collaboration and refine classroom practice. Read More

L.A. Reaches Tentative Pact on Troubled Digital Plan - Education Week

A tentative $6.4 million settlement with two major technology providers was reached, according to the superintendent of the Los Angeles school district. Read More

News Corp. Sells Amplify to Joel Klein, Other Executives - Education Week

The beleaguered digital education division that News Corp. invested $1 billion in since 2010 was sold on Sept. 30 to a team of 11 Amplify executives. Read More

Arizona Board Sues State Schools Chief - Education Week

The Arizona board of education has followed through on its promise to sue to force state schools chief Diane Douglas to give remote computer access to board investigators. Read More

Training Gains a Toehold for Instructional Aides in Special Education - Education Week

Crucial for assuring that school inclusion takes place for students with disabilities, these workers have long been left out of the loop on professional development. Read More

Math Learning - Education Week

Using a word-problem app to talk about mathematics at home once a week can boost math achievement, particularly for students with parents who dread the subject. Read More

Educators Hope Congress Provides Clarity, Support on Privacy Issues - Education Week

Eight federal bills, amendments, or provisions related to student-data privacy have been introduced in 2015. Read More

Threat of Data-Privacy Litigation Fuels District Insurance Purchases - Education Week

As more and more large, well-known companies—such as Home Depot and Target—fall victim to cyberattacks, school districts are realizing they could be next. Read More

Lessons Learned From Security Breaches - Education Week

The problem is school systems often lack specific plans for dealing with data breaches once they occur, creating logistical and public relations challenges. Read More

MacArthur Foundation Launches Nonprofit to Scale Up Digital Learning - Education Week

The new organization, named Collective Shift, aims to connect schools, businesses, libraries, museums, and city leaders in efforts to build new "ecosystems of learning." Read More

Schools Learn Lessons From Security Breaches - Education Week

Schools are vulnerable to outside hacking, in-house errors, and even technology gaps at companies they work with. Yet, school systems often lack specific plans for dealing with data breaches once they occur, creating logistical and public relations challenges. Read More

Digital Badges - Education Week

Digital badges are being widely adopted for students, but could the same principle be applied to professional development for teachers? Read More

Facebook Comments Land Cafeteria Workers in Trouble - Education Week

A federal lawsuit was filed last week on behalf of two Indiana school cafeteria workers who were disciplined after posting concerns about school spending on social media. Read More

First Lady Launches Site to Help College-Bound - Education Week

Michelle Obama unveiled a new social-media site last week where teenagers can swap practical information and stories about continuing education after high school. Read More

Cybercharter Students Fall Far Behind on Academic Measures, New Study Says - Education Week

The first national study of online charter schools found that the schools generate dramatically weaker academic growth than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Read More


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