Urban Districts Embrace Social-Emotional Learning - Education Week

Researchers are measuring the impacts of social-emotional learning programs in eight big-city school districts. Read More

As School Day Grows, Ties Deepen Between Schools, Providers - Education Week

Expanded-learning initiatives are pushing educators and outside groups to collaborate in new, more integrated ways. Read More

Demand for Summer Jobs Outstrips Opportunities - Education Week

The seasonal job market for teenagers is showing signs of improving, but inner-city youths still face slim employment opportunities. Read More

N.Y.C. District Underreported School Violence, Audit Finds - Education Week

New York City failed to report hundreds of violent public school incidents to the state as required by law, says the state comptroller. Read More

GAO: More Help Needed for RTT Winners - Education Week

A GAO study suggests the U.S. Department of Education should give states more support in implementing any future competitive-grant programs. Read More

Charter Schools - Education Week

Nationally, urban charter schools are significantly outperforming their district counterparts in both reading and mathematics, according to a new study from the Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University, or CREDO. Read More

Amid Sluggish Progress, Broad Suspends Prize for Urban Schools - Education Week

The $1 million award from the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation brought districts scholarship money, technical assistance, and recognition, but did not fuel sufficient improvement in student achievement. Read More

D.C. Schools Launch Effort to Help Black, Latino Boys - Education Week

The District of Columbia public schools last week launched an effort aimed at improving outcomes for black and Latino male students. Read More

School Leadership - Education Week

Six urban school districts receiving a combined $75 million in philanthropic funding are seizing opportunities to improve school leadership by better training principals, and supporting and evaluating them on the job, a new report finds. Read More

District Finances - Education Week

An analysis of school funding in 11 big-city districts that share financial and demographic similarities shows that the financially strapped Philadelphia school district receives less funding per-pupil than seven of its counterparts. Read More

Urban Classroom Experience Key to Student-Teacher Retention

Nevada Moves to Carve Up Fast-Growing District - Education Week

Now that state lawmakers have approved a split-up of the Clarke County school district, the question is how to go about doing it. Read More

Urban Classroom Experience Key to Student-Teacher Retention - Education Week

Immigrant Students - Education Week

Unaccompanied minors living in the New York City metropolitan area, many who are English-language learners, face an array of obstacles to enrolling in school, finds a new study. Read More

English-Language Learners - Education Week

A study of seven high-poverty districts in the Seattle metropolitan area found that it took nearly four years for elementary-school-age English-language learners to develop English proficiency. Read More

Rural Education - Education Week

Eligible rural children are less likely to take part in federal meals programs than their urban peers, finds a new study. Read More

Cash-Strapped Chicago Spent Millions on Food - Education Week

The Chicago school system spent millions of dollars to bring in food and beverages from area restaurants and catering companies, including more than $500,000 since July. Read More

N.Y.C. Pushes to Meet Promise of Universal Pre-K - Education Week

Amid some growing pains for its new full-day prekindergarten program, the city has ramped up outreach efforts and more than tripled the number of sets from two years ago. Read More

Discipline - Education Week

High suspension rates in the Chicago district are driven by a cluster of schools with high concentrations of "extremely disadvantaged students," a new report finds. Read More

Charter Expansion Plan Stokes Debate in L.A. - Education Week

A proposal from the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation to more than double the number of charters in the city is raising major questions about its viability. Read More

Chicago Plans More Cuts to Special Education - Education Week

A school spokeswoman said the reductions were necessary because of an enrollment drop in the 400,000-student district, which is facing a $480 million budget gap. Read More

Schools Help Widen Academic Gaps, Studies Find - Education Week

Two studies find that achievement gaps within schools account for more of the overall academic disparities among students of different races or economic backgrounds than do gaps between schools. Read More

Former Chicago Schools CEO to Plead Guilty to Bribery Charges, Feds Say - Education Week

In their indictment of Barbara Byrd-Bennett, federal prosecutors allege the former superintendent steered a $23 million, no-bid contract to her former employers. Read More

Studies Probe How Schools Widen Achievement Gaps - Education Week

Two studies find that achievement gaps within schools account for more of the overall academic disparities among students of different races or economic backgrounds than do gaps between schools. Read More

Two Proposals, Two Ways to Dole Out Title I Money - Education Week

The House and Senate bills to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act offer different takes on how to distribute federal aid for poor students. Read More

Major Political and Legal Push Underway to Lift Mass. Charter Cap - Education Week

Backed by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, advocates engage in all-out effort to ease restrictions on opening new charters. Read More

Young Adolescents - Education Week

Community groups and sports not connected to school can help students stay more connected academically during a critical transition period, a study of low-income students in New York City suggests. Read More

Data: Achievement for Urban Districts on NAEP - Education Week

Twenty-one city school districts took park in NAEP testing in 2015. Of those, only the District of Columbia saw improvements in both reading and math for both grades 4 and 8. Read More


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