Perfect ACT scores on the rise in Utah - Education Week

Census: Utah ranks last for per-student spending - Education Week

State Lawmakers Assert Influence Over Standards - Education Week

Amid intense debate over the common core, 10 states have recently enacted laws that place new restrictions or specifications on how state boards of education adopt standards

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Extra School Funds Eaten Up by State Retirement System - Education Week

When lawmakers in Utah decided to boost per-pupil spending last year by 2 percent, many state residents cheered, envisioning that cash raining on teachers and classrooms.

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State of the States: Utah - Education Week

Saying he wants more high school students to complete computer science and information technology courses, Gov. Gary R. Herbert called for $4.5 million in new funds for science, technology, engineering, and math education.

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Pre-K Program Attracts Investors Out for Returns - Education Week

A pair of major investors are betting that expanding a Utah preschool program will reduce special education costs.

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Elementary Pupils Immersed in Foreign Language - Education Week

Delaware and Utah are funding foreign-language instruction at the elementary level in hopes of fostering achievement and economic growth.

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Educators Craft Own Math E-Books for Common Core - Education Week

Dissatisfied with what was available, Utah educators are producing high school math e-textbooks they aim to align with the standards.

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New Laws, Programs Expand E-Learning Options - Education Week

Several states have enacted laws that require more choices for students who want to try taking courses online, outside the offerings of brick-and-mortar schools.

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Momentum Builds for Dual-Language Learning - Education Week

Growing numbers of schools are offering dual-language classes, where teachers split instruction between English and a second language.

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Ex-teacher sentenced to 2 to 30 years in student sex case - Education Week

Ex-teacher accused of sex with 3 students will be sentenced - Education Week

Student Thwarts Alleged Bomb Plot - Education Week

A 16-year-old Utah student who shared a suspicious text message with school officials helped foil apparent plans by two schoolmates to set off a bomb during a school assembly, police said.

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Utah education officials to further revise science standards - Education Week

Feds to probe alleged racial discrimination at Utah schools - Education Week

2 Utah charter schools to close within days of opening - Education Week

Salt Lake City schools chief to depart after school year - Education Week

Salt Lake City Chief to Go After School Year Ends - Education Week

The announcement came nearly two weeks after the U.S. Department of Education opened an investigation in response to accusations of racial discrimination.

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Minneapolis school board calls Utah-made books offensive - Education Week

Utah governor to work in elementary school classroom - Education Week

State officials: New monuments would cut school funds - Education Week

State wants lawsuit over Common Core tossed - Education Week

States Fall Short on Teaching Financial Literacy - Education Week

When it comes to teaching students how to manage their money, most states rate a B or a C, a new report says.

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Police: Student tip may have halted drive-by school shooting - Education Week


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