Vermont committee propose combined school district - Education Week

Vermont institute helps schools grow farm-to-school programs - Education Week

Vermont lawmakers to spend $300k on education study - Education Week

Early Reports Suggest Few Field-Testing Snags - Education Week

Districts in the trial run for common-core exams told Education Week they experienced only minor technological problems, but students found the tests harder than their state assessments.

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Vermont Secretary of Education: Common Standards Make Sense

College, K12 Inc. Forge Language-Learning Partnership - Education Week

Online foreign-language courses will be offered to high school students via Middlebury College in Vermont.

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New Teacher-Evaluation Systems Face Obstacles - Education Week

Few districts have tried to connect their systems to professional development, teacher promotion, and compensation.

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NCLB Suit Dismissal Stands as Appeals Court Deadlocks - Education Week

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals spent 10 months deliberating on the suit filed by NEA and nine school districts.

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New England States Team Up on High Schools - Education Week

A consortium of four states will try to reinvent secondary schools at the practical and policy levels.

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Vermont schools ready for mandatory pre-K for 2016-2017 year - Education Week

Vermont Secretary of Education: Common Standards Make Sense - Education Week

Vermont Chief Picked - Education Week

The superintendent of the Franklin West Supervisory Union has been named Vermont’s new education commissioner.

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Poor Math Scores Posted on Unusual 3-State Exams - Education Week

Fewer than a third of students in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont scored proficient or higher in math.

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Vermont - Education Week

In his annual speech to the legislature, the governor proposed leasing the state lottery, with $25 million of the proceeds going to property-tax relief and $25 million to modernization of school buildings.

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School boards move forward with single district merger - Education Week

Vermont releases statewide assessment test results - Education Week

Vermont foundation gives $370k to promote education - Education Week

Vermont school district to bring in heroin antidote - Education Week

Public hearing Sept. 10 on education costs - Education Week

School district seeks to develop closed high school building - Education Week

Views mixed as end of Vermont Interactive Technologies nears - Education Week

State board rules on school choice in district unification - Education Week

Board clarifies rules on school choice in district mergers - Education Week

Board appoints interim superintendent after hazing report - Education Week

Many Vermont students still not proficient in science - Education Week

Vermont mulls performance-based funding for higher education - Education Week

Republican Vermont lawmakers to address school choice issue - Education Week

Rural public school system workers set Nov. 16 strike date - Education Week


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