Washington students seem to find new tests more challenging - Education Week

Gov. Jay Inslee signs new two-year state budget - Education Week

Washington Legislature passes $38.2 billion state budget - Education Week

Senate offers another way to fix Washington school budget - Education Week

Supreme Court confirms it will wait for K-12 funding report - Education Week

Washington charter school gets last chance to show progress - Education Week

Education Dept. Denies NCLB Waiver for Seattle - Education Week

The U.S. Department of Education has told the Seattle school district that it cannot get its own waiver from the mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act.

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Washington State Lawmakers Clash on K-12 Funding - Education Week

A special session over how to pay for basic education bares partisan divides over tax policy and questions about the fallout for districts and unions.

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Washington State Holds Special Session on Funding - Education Week

The Washington state legislature began a special session that is expected to emphasize how to alter and increase funding for public schools.

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District Extends Wi-Fi to Students in Public Housing - Education Week

The Kent, Wash., district has set up kiosks with Web connectivity across the community, including public-housing complexes, to help students take part in blended learning away from school.

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Washington woman is new national PTA president - Education Week

Gov. Inslee signs early learning quality, tuition cut bills - Education Week

Senate passes class size initiative delay - Education Week

Washington Legislature set to adjourn after final votes - Education Week

Few parents opt elementary children out of new state tests - Education Week

Senate reaches deal on class size initiative, testing bills - Education Week

Lawmakers to discuss McCleary report to Supreme Court - Education Week

Education funding a work in progress, legislature says - Education Week

State Board of Education to set bar for Common Core tests - Education Week

State Board of Education sets lower bar on Common Core tests - Education Week

Chief Technology Officers Play Key Role in Curricular Issues - Education Week

Some school districts are testing new approaches to address a common challenge: how to get academic and technology departments to work more closely together.

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Looking back: A year with charter schools in Washington - Education Week

2 more schools get OK from Washington Charter Commission - Education Week

Math Gets More Rigorous for Some Preschoolers - Education Week

Preschools are ramping up math education, in response to brain research that shows educators may be underestimating how much math young children can do.

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About half are proficient in first round of new state tests - Education Week

Inslee, lawmakers set to meet to discuss court sanctions - Education Week

Wash. State Lowers Cutoff on SBAC Test Scores - Education Week

Washington state seniors do not have to reach the "college readiness" cutoff score on the Smarter Balanced test in order to earn their diplomas.

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English-Language Learners - Education Week

A study of seven high-poverty districts in the Seattle metropolitan area found that it took nearly four years for elementary-school-age English-language learners to develop English proficiency.

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Court Levies Huge Fines on Wash. State Legislature - Education Week

The order is the culmination of a political struggle that began in 2012, when the Washington Supreme Court ruled that the system for funding K-12 violated the state constitution.

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Inslee, lawmakers meet to discuss court sanctions - Education Week

Wash. Lawmakers Challenge Court Over Sanctions on Ed. Funding - Education Week

Nineteen senators signed a letter saying that the Washington state Supreme Court has overstepped its authority by ordering the state to pay sanctions because of lack of progress on an education funding plan.

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Wash. State Lawmakers Face Hard Choices on K-12 Finance - Education Week

Tensions remain among legislators as they seek to hammer out a school funding plan amid $100,000 a day in court-ordered sanctions.

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Washington budget writer leaving House to run Early Learning - Education Week

Texts from school shooters show threats, pleas for help - Education Week

Charter schools group calls for special session after ruling - Education Week

Seattle teacher strike keeps kids home on 1st day of school - Education Week

Charter School Commission preparing to close down - Education Week

Striking Seattle teachers point to high cost of living - Education Week

Shock Waves Reverberate From Wash. State Charter Ruling - Education Week

Charter supporters scramble to find ways of keeping the schools alive after Washington’s charter law is struck down, while charter critics hope to build momentum.

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South Sound districts expand free kindergarten programs - Education Week

AG to ask Supreme Court to reconsider charter school ruling - Education Week

Special session possible if group finds education solution - Education Week

Trial of father of high school shooter to stay in Seattle - Education Week

Opening statements planned in trial of father of shooter - Education Week

Seattle Stops Suspensions for Elementary Students - Education Week

The Seattle School Board has declared a one-year moratorium on out-of-school suspensions for elementary school students who commit nonviolent offenses.

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AG asks Supreme Court to reconsider charter school ruling - Education Week

Judge holds striking Kelso teachers in contempt - Education Week

Seattle school district announces strike makeup days - Education Week

Jury gets gun case of father of teen who shot classmates - Education Week

Seattle Stops Suspensions for Elementary Students - Education Week

Starting this school year, the one-year moratorium ends out-of-school suspensions for disruptive conduct, rule-breaking, and disobedience.

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Washington, Virginia, Wisconsin school districts recognized - Education Week

Washington lawmakers take education reform ideas on the road - Education Week

Truant label more likely to go to poor, minority students - Education Week

Washington Charter School Commission meets in Tacoma - Education Week

Washington school district negotiating with praying coach - Education Week

Schools Enlist Parents to Bridge Cultural Barriers - Education Week

Newer efforts to bring families of minority students into the classroom are eye-opening for both parents and teachers.

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Washington scores steady on national reading, math test - Education Week

Praying football coach placed on paid leave by district - Education Week

Praying coach on leave, deepening religion-in-school debate - Education Week

Seattle principal resigns over late teacher evaluations - Education Week

Woman demands Spokane school superintendent resign - Education Week

Tribes get access to US crime databases in push to close gap - Education Week


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