Walker signs bill to track students in remedial classes - Education Week

Democrats, public school advocates call for budget changes - Education Week

Rep. Czaja: Teaching license provision will be re-drafted - Education Week

District Loans Out Wireless Hubs to Bring Students Online - Education Week

The Green Bay, Wisc., district allows students, many of them from poor backgrounds, to check out mobile, wireless hotspots so that they have the Web connectivity to do online assignments.

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State of the States Coverage: Illinois, Maine, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wisconsin - Education Week

Here are summaries of recent annual addresses by governors around the country.

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Federal Review Sought For First Voucher Program - Education Week

A Wisconsin lawmaker is calling for a federal review of the long-standing Milwaukee voucher program.

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Public school sport participation rules to be scaled back - Education Week

Loosening of teacher licensure requirements rejected - Education Week

Wisconsin Assembly begins debate on state budget - Education Week

Highlights of Wisconsin budget passed by Senate - Education Week

Supreme Court to hear education rules lawsuit - Education Week

Edgar school district drafts bullying policy after suicide - Education Week

Wisconsin High Court Upholds Collective Bargaining Restrictions - Education Week

The Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld a state law that sharply curtails the collective bargaining rights of teachers’ unions and most other public-employee labor groups.

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State Forces Milwaukee to Sell Vacant Schools - Education Week

Historically, the district has been reluctant to sell the facilities to potential competitors that could siphon off its students—and state funding.

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New bill would ban minors from using tanning beds - Education Week

Wisconsin private school voucher spending outpaces public - Education Week

State announces replacement for Badger Exam - Education Week

State announces replacement for Badger Exam - Education Week

GOP lawmaker wants governor to appoint school superintendent - Education Week

State superintendent calls GOP proposal attack on democracy - Education Week

Edgar school district adopts bullying policies after suicide - Education Week

Legislative task force begins study of urban education - Education Week

GOP lawmakers want gender restrictions in school bathrooms - Education Week

Committee OKs lifting UW out-of-state student cap - Education Week

Wisconsin graduation rate gap is largest in country - Education Week

Statewide voucher school enrollment more than doubles - Education Week

Assembly votes to allow all grades to opt out of tests - Education Week

Assembly to vote on allowing all grades to opt out of tests - Education Week

Bill would add crime data to report cards for schools - Education Week

Wisconsin lawmakers want schools to offer CPR training - Education Week

Walker to appear with Jeb Bush to tout school choice - Education Week


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